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               Santa Fe Leather Goods

Hand-Crafted Especially for you

We at Santa Fe Leather Goods are passionate about leather. Each of our pieces are one of a kind and unique. It is our hope that our products will bring beauty and function to those that purchase them for many years to come. In our New Mexico shop our dedicated craftsmen strive to create only the best quality handmade leather products.

Careful layout and cutting insures that each individual hide is used in the most attractive and economical way. We take the time to top stitch all our creations.  Not only is this process pleasing to the eye but, also reduces stretching and greatly extends the life of our products.


We use the finest natural oils, waxes and stains to give our products a rich and distinctive, lasting finish that becomes richer with use. This developed patina will contribute to the character and beauty of each piece, becoming uniquely yours.

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