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Santa Fe Leather Goods

We at Santa Fe Leather Goods have a passionate for leather

We at Santa Fe Leather Goods are passionate about Leather.
Our founder was born into a ranching family in New Mexico and his fondest childhood memories are centered on his grandfather’s barn and in particular the tack-room with generations of leather saddle bags, ropes and spurs hanging on the rough plank walls. Sitting around the big potbellied stove in the dead of winter and listening to the wild stories of the ranch hands while they oiled their saddles and mended tack instilled an adventurous spirit in this young lad. Leather working came naturally to him, as was making durable gear for the back country environment where he was drawn. If you are in the high mountains or the rough borderlands on an adventure far from home you better have gear the lasts!

We make beautiful, original design, leather bags, purses, backpacks that last and that function wonderfully for your adventures!

Natural leather is one of the oldest of all materials used by man and one of the most durable. Leather can be sewn into so many different items from fashion forward clothing and accessories to tools such as saddles, sheaths and bags. Once wet it can be formed and stretched and will dry to retain its shape indefinitely. It has the ability to be carved, stained and decorates in a multitude of ways. Best of all leather has the ability to retain a “living quality“  long after it is put into use. A leather product will mold to the user and its purpose like no other material. Because it is a “living material” it requires oils to keep it healthy. It will harvest oils from you and your environment and will develop rich patina unique only to you. To us a loved and well-used leather bag or purse has a story to tell. A rich patina created by sun and weather in everyday use to dings and scrapes left from a hard traveled adventure all contribute to telling this very human story.


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